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Field Blends

Wild Garlic Salt

Wild Garlic Salt

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A blend of responsibly foraged wild garlic from ancient Sheffield woodland, with premium sea salt crystals. Great as a finishing seasoning for veggies, breads or pretty much anything! Wild garlic is a fanfare for spring. When it appears it’s not long until we start to see a glut of incredible spring produce following on! But with it only being around for about 6 weeks, and disappearing completely for the rest of the year, we wanted to preserve the fresh spring flavour to use throughout the following months.

Limited edition, once it’s gone it’s gone!

Field Blends are small batch, blended by hand, and packaged in a camp sized, reusable tin. Convenient, delicious and plastic-free.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Wild Garlic

Allergens: None
May contain traces of allergens

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