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Sriracha Chilli Dip

Sriracha Chilli Dip

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Turn up the heat on your snack time with this Sriracha Chilli Dip, a deliciously spicy chilli dip specially designed for crisps. Sourcing the freshest, sun-ripened chillies from chilli farming friends in Cornwall, which are blended into a powerful mash and then balanced with perfectly ripe tomatoes. Perfect for any occasion, whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying a quiet snack at home, these delicious dips offer a flavour pairing that clings to each crisp. Experiment with different crisp and dip flavours to find your perfect match.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Fermented Chilli Mash Puree (Chilli, Vinegar, Salt), Tomato Purée, Sugar, Onion, Vinegar, Red Chilli, Garlic Powder, Salt, Paprika Oleoresin

Allergens: None

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