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Field Blends

Pink Peppercorn, Sea Salt & Garlic Seasoning Blend

Pink Peppercorn, Sea Salt & Garlic Seasoning Blend

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This all-purpose spice seasoning blend is not just any old salt pepper & garlic blend… Using Yorkshire Sea Salt, harvested by hand from the Whitby Coast and turned into the most incredible salt crystals using a blend of artisan and modern methods producing the purest, 100% natural sea salt with the lowest environmental impact. Pink peppercorn brings a fruitiness and hint of heat, green peppercorn brings an aromatic freshness and vibrancy, and black pepper brings the punch. Dried garlic powder which brings that inexplicable hum, boost, oomph, (whatever you want to call it) to pretty much anything! Contains sea salt, so no need to salt your dish before using.

Field Blends are small batch, blended by hand, and packaged in a camp sized, reusable tin. Convenient, delicious and plastic-free.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Mixed Peppercorns, Mixed Spices, Garlic

Allergens: None
May contain traces of allergens

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