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Laundry Sheets (Pack of 64)

Laundry Sheets (Pack of 64)

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The problem with existing detergents? 
Laundry detergents are often packaged in heavy plastic bottles of liquid, or in bulky plastic boxes of powder & gel pouches. These are heavy, messy & often very wasteful as a lot of the product ends up down the drain before the washing machine gets going. Or, you just end up using far too much of it which ends up being very expensive!
Not to mention the carbon footprint transporting these weighty detergents around the world has on our planet.

- Made from naturally-derived materials that are vegan & biodegradable
- Not tested on animals
- Comes in a fully recyclable Kraft paper package. 0 Plastic
- Super simple to use. Take a sheet and put it in the drum
- Scented with natural flax to give it’s fresh scent
- Use a single sheet for a standard load, use two sheets for a large load.
- Comes to 10p a wash for standard loads & 20p per large loads


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